Nunavik holds 2013 Kite ski championship

Kite-skiers speed in front of the sea ice in Kangiqsujuaq where the Nunavik kite-ski championship took place earlier this month. (PHOTO BY GEORGE ANAUTAQ PIRLUTUUT)

"One of the fastest growing sports in the region"

From Nunasiaq News online

Under sunny skies and favourable winds, 10 kite-skiers recently took to the ice in front of the Hudson Strait community of Kangiqsujuaq, when the municipality and the Kativik Regional Government’s recreation department hosted the second annual Nunavik kite-ski championshipFromt April 11 to April 15, 10 participants,13 and up, from Kangiqsujuaq, Ivujivik, Quaqtaq, Kangirsuk, Kuujjuaq and Kangiqsualujjuaq, competed in different styles of racing.

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Nunavik Kite-ski Championship.

Congratulation Kangiqsujuaq  host of the Nunavik Kite-ski Championship
The event dates are April 17-23 (includes travel dates!)

This year in Nunavik, The Recreation Department of the Kativik Regional Government has been promoting this new sport on the territory by hiring a regional coordinator, selecting five communities to receive support and training, and would like to finish the season with the Kite-ski Championship. During this event, it will be a chance to give experienced riders the chance to show off their skills, participate in Kiteski related workshops, and meet other riders from both Nunavik and Nunavut.

Nunavik Riders:
For any questions you may have or if you would like to enter the competition please contact Lucas Brown at:
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or call Ben Whidden (Recreation Advisor for the KRG Recreation Dept)
819-964-2961 (ext: 2307)

Nunavut Riders
For flight special fare and hotel reservation please contact Guy Laflamme
514 233 6093    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

George Pillurtuut, 1st in speed run event.

April 2009, Arrived a day late at the Arctic Wind Riders 2009 Championship, Geoges brough his joy of life to the young croud. Georges, a 4 year old paraski veteran, quicly shoed to the youngest that he was used to ride in heavy gusty wind taking the first place execo with Daniel Inuarak during the speed runs event.

Kangiqsujuaq Initiation Camp Feb 2007

The ice wall

We landed in Kangiqsujuaq late on a Monday afternoon. This time, Marc Henry, a paraski racer and a Hydro-Quebec worker based in Valleyfield, and Remi Baril, a youth health program manager, have joined me to make of this camp a kick off for the coming spring season. Since the weather was nice and windy, we got to ride across Wakeham Bay to see the 20-foot ice wall formed at low tide. more pictures...

Classes on the bay

On Wednesday, after meeting with the school teachers to organize the schedule forthe week, the kids enjoyed the video presentation of last year initiation camp, in Wakeham. Then we organized the first initiation period for the secondary students with the equipment owned by the community. Most got to ride pretty well on the narrow space behind the coop with the wind blowing at around 25km/h. We ended up riding until dawn. Adamie did perform exceptionally well. On Thursday, Julie, Nadia, Shona and James's class got to learn the basic of sail handling. We could see that those initiated last spring had not lost their touch even if the wind was going up and down between 7 to 15km/h. more pictures...