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Whale Cove is located on the West coast of Hudson Bay and is surrounded by rolling hills and pristine lakes. Its small bay makes it an ideal area to learn to paraski. As soon as you get out on the Hudson Bay, the nearest communities are some 250 km north to Rankin Inlet or south to Arviat. The relatively flat area makes this region great for kite skiing where the wind is present almost everyday.





 Arctic Wind Riders Club 

The Whale Cove Paraski Club is managed by the Hamlet of Whale Cove Recreation Services. To know more about equipment rental and courses please contact Chris Jones at the recreation center.

Instructors: Wayne Putulik, Luke Kabloona



Whale Cove, About

Population: 350

The community of Whale Cove, or Tikirarjuaq (long point), is nestled within a bay surrounded by rolling hills and pristine lakes, along the western shore of Hudson Bay. The cove is located north of Arviat, just south of Rankin Inlet. Beautiful lakes and rivers filled with Arctic char and touladi surround the community; the fishing is fantastic.

As its names suggests, the community is famous for its whales. Each fall beluga whales congregate near the shores of the cove. The Whale’s Tail Monument, a sculpture of rock and concrete overlooking the town, honours Canada’s centennial.

Whale Cove remains a mainly traditional community, with divergent dialects and cultures, originating from both inland and coastal traditions. The abundance of land and marine wildlife has enabled the Inuit of Whale Cove to enjoy a traditional diet and lifestyle. Seal, walrus and beluga are the mainstay of the traditional diet. Seasonal caribou and polar bear hunting, as well as trout and char fishing, are also regular activities. To augment the diet of fish and mammals, highly nutritious berries are collected for consumption.

Every year the hamlet of Whale Cove has a number of festivals. Easter festivities include igloo building and snowmobile racing. In May there is an annual fishing derby. Canada Day and Hamlet Day celebrations include traditional arctic games, inukshuk building, and feasts with traditional delicacies.


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