Snow Park

Pangnirtung is located on a coastal plain at the edge of Pangnirtung Fjord, a fjord which eventually merges with Cumberland Sound. The 3 km-wide fjord in front of the community makes a really impressive, yet accessible, snowpark to play in. Wind tunneled from Cumberland Sound or from the Ayyuktuk Park Valley make for ideal conditions for kiting. Toward the South, to Cumberland Sound, you can have a great riding experience. When there is no wind, the 1500-ft mountain in the community’s back yard provides a spectacular view for anyone who wants to climb or ski. 





Pangnirtung mountain viewNestled at the bottom of a mountain, at the mouth of a river, and surrounded by spectacular fiords, Pangnirtung, or “Pang” to locals, is located on Baffin Island, in Cumberland Sound. Known as the gateway to the famous Auyuittuq (eye-you-ee-tuk) National Park, there are many attractions for visitors to this community, including two National Historic Sites and one historically significant whaling station.
Auyuittuq (the land that never melts) National Park offers a variety of wilderness experiences. Activities include hiking and backcountry camping in Akshayuk Pass, ski touring on the icefields, travelling along the fiords, and climbing the park's challenging peaks. Visit the Parks Canada Interpretive Centre in Pang for help with travel arrangements.

Piskutinu Tunngavik Territorial Park, located at the edge of town, is a great campground for adventure travellers, and the starting point for day-treks in the area. One trek, the Ukuma Trail, skirts the Duval River and heads toward Kingnait Fiord, which parallels Pangnirtung Fiord over the mountains behind the community.

The history of whaling and Thule culture in Cumberland Sound and Pangnirtung is interpreted at the Angmarlik Visitor Centre, the Hudson's Bay Blubber Station and Kekerten Territorial Park - a three-hour boat ride from town. The Angmarlik Visitor Centre also functions as a library and elders’ centre. The staff there will help arrange guides and outfitters for trips in the area.

Pang is well known for its woven tapestries, art prints, and unique clothing items. One of the great attractions is the Uqqurmiut Inuit Arts Centre, where visitors can view Inuit weavers and printmakers in their studios as they shop.

Population: 1,276