Igloolik 2010-Initiation camp

Igloolik 2010 Initiation Camp

Four years after the invitation of QIA the Arctic Wind Riders are back this time with a whole equipment kit for the community to really start a club.

Eepa Qappik from Pangnirtung and Caleb Little from Igaluit are the two instructors in training that will work with me during this one week initiation camp .

Based on Kuujjuaq successful Club equipment storage, Maren applied the Sea-Can receipe(1) and ended-up with one of the best club set up we have seen yet in the North

I remembered Igloolik being dynamic having trained some 70 residents back in 2006, and this enthusiasm still remain very alive 4 your later. After a quick movie presentation at the school gym, the students were cranked up to try Parasking as quick as possible.

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Thursday and Friday happened to be nice windy days and many people had a chance to try it. On Friday night we provided initiation courses to adult until 10:30 PM and it was still clear.

On Saturday and Sunday we had great family days although the wind got weaker and weaker as the weekend was passing by. Still the bay was always filled with sails and groups of people trying it.

Because of the days being just too nice and the wind well hidden, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we ended-up teaching downhill skiing to every gym classes. The 8, 9 and 10 grades came at least twice on the hill and the skills rapidly build-up, at the end some were able to ski the entire slalom course.

The dynamism of Phy-ed school teacher as actually all teachers enabled kids of all age groups to participate to this initiation camp.

From Paraskiing on the bay to downhill skiing on the hill back of the community Igloolik youth were there at 100%

In every way this initiation camp and club start-up in Igloolik was something very special the reception the, people, the interest, the participation, the organization, the conditions, the wind, the snow, the ice, the sun... all in a positive way.

the two young instructors in training Caleb and Eepa proved to be very proactive in every steps of the training camp.

A special Thanks to Maren Vestula, Daniel Guay and Paul Hedges the gym teachers and to the guy in the loader for moving the Sea Can, you made people smile …

Many thanks to all of you who came down to try it or just to have a smile watching others.

Most popular question over the week: can I try ?

1)The Sea-Can receipe (for all community clubs)

Open a Sea-Can, clean-it up, move it to the beach, add shelf for boots storage, wood boxes for helmets & harnesses, and 2-3 skids on the floor to use as ski holders in the rear. Add one or two benches for guess and you have a functional, secure storage right on the bay, near the initiation area with good protection against the elements for participants.