About Anurratuq Inuit Nunangani

Anurratuq Inuit Nunangani is an Inuktitut phrase meaning «A strong wind is rising on the land of Inuit».  Anurratuq Inuit Nunangani is a non-profit organisation based in Kangirsujuaq, Nunavik. Our mission is to offer to youth from northern communities on-the-land challenging activities so they can build a strong sense of confidence, purpose, achievement and community in a joyful setting. Harnessing nature’s power is a practice young Inuit can learn to rely on to stay tuned and mobilize their inner strengths toward global wellness.  
President: George Jaaji Pilurtuut  Kangiqsujuaq QC
Treasurer: Martin Roy, Kuujjuaq QC
Vice president: Guy Laflamme Saint-Placide QC

General manager: Guy Laflamme

About the Arctic Wind Riders program

The Arctic Wind Riders program is an exciting and innovative on the land program based on a new activity perfectly suited for the North. A unique way for youth and young adults to harness wind power in winter & spring, to travel over snowy tundra, frozen lakes, bay, fjords and coastal sea ice. A healthy way to enjoy freedom on the land, to play games with the family or a clean energy vehicle to access fishing or hunting grounds.
Developed with sustainability in mind, the program includes community initiation camps, leadership/instructor training, races, games, regional championships and local adventure-tourism initiatives. Since 2006, 23 communities of Nunavik and Nunavut have initiated local kite ski clubs. Has a result, we identified and trained more than 50 local young leaders has instructors, initiated 3000 plus youth and young adults, and generated thousands of smiles. Since 2014, kite ski adventure travel is part of Nunavik Pingualuit parks offers.
Program objectives are; to provide a new, dynamic, on the land activity to northern youth, to build expertise, leadership & ownership within youth groups and communities, and to support the development of a true arctic winter sport and new local ecotourism opportunities.
Sports Has The Power To Change The World. “ Nelson Mandela