Program Overview

Developed with sustainable development in mind, this multi-year program brings to the northern communities an adrenaline-driven activity, opportunities for leadership development and a unique platform to raise awareness about new local ecotourism opportunities in their community.

Outdoors in sync with Arctic Nature


A new occasion to gather outside and enjoy the land

The Arctic Wind Riders’ program brings a new dynamic and stimulating outdoor activity to the North that promotes a healthy active lifestyle. This energizing activity and its event-oriented format have proven to bring a positive impact within the northern youth and the whole community.

Trendy, challenging and cross-generational

Kite skiing is associated with nature, health and adventure. It is refreshing and youthful, offering a new level of freedom to scout the white land or just to enjoy the snow on the bay in front of the community. Head-to-head races are natural challenges between wind riders. Local races and games are easy to organize and favour cross-generational gatherings and interaction.

A dynamic multi-year program

The Arctic Wind Riders' Program is now in its fifth (13th) year. Since 2006 the Arctic Wind Riders program introduced northern communities to kite skiing in Nunavik and Nunavut reaching some 3000 youth and young adults. Twenty tree (23) communities now have at least two trained instructors and enough equipment to get the action going on the bay. The program is evolving each year to best meet Northern youth needs, while supporting local social, economic and cultural objectives.

The program objectives are:

  • To provide a new dynamic outdoor activity for teens and kids of all ages to get back on the land
  • To build expertise, leadership & ownership within youth groups and communities
  • To support the development of a new sport as well as new local eco-tourism activities in Canada